The machine has no body, no emotions, such as empathy, and no duties, such as responsibility. Yet, in every machine resides a human reality that speaks to the intent of the inventor and the moral value of the team of engineers that imagined, programmed and developed the machine.

In the case of the genocide of Palestinians, the AI-programmed systems are killing in an automated fashion, revealing the human-generated intention behind the horror. Such as human intention demonstrates the long-gone ideal of the rule of international law and the much needed update of its jurisdiction.




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Artificial Intelligence has two main functions in the Israeli war on besieged Gaza: sustain propaganda and generate more targets. While debates on machine learning question the threat of AI for humanity, AI assisted bombardments reveal a new magnitude of algorithmically programmed death in times of warfare. Philosopher Anaïs Nony poses that fascist regimes are increasingly data-driven: digital technologies are deployed as tools to instrumentalize politics and produce programmable death.

To understand the shift in the making of digital- driven fascist regimes, where technological advancement supports mass-manipulation and dehumanisation, we must understand the rise of algorithmic obedience and the instrumentarian power of AI. In 2024, the loosening of army protocols in the name of AI-driven accuracy serves a global economy where international laws are being highjacked in front of our eyes. As such, we (the comrades combating for freedom over the world) are the living witness of a digital regime that has drastic consequences for the future of justice, and solidarity.

Mail & Guardian, Feb. 2, 2024, p. 31.

To read a longer version of this article, please go to La Furia Umana, where you can read my article titled “The Instrumentarian Power of Artificial Intelligence in Data-Driven Fascist Regimes”.


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