giphy-4giphy-6I am now in the final stage of preparing my book manuscript The Discrete Imaginary. Culture & Technique as Video-Objects in France, the proposal for which was accepted at Amsterdam University Press. This book is the first to examine the work of film theorist and media artist Thierry Kuntzel along with philosopher Gilbert Simondon to rethink the ontological foundations of cultural phenomena from a technical perspective. Against the tendency in media theory to approach video art from a filmic viewpoint, the book focuses on the performative dimension of video-objects as deployed in Kuntzel’s pioneering media work. I identify this performative dimension as developing a set of operations – preemption, transduction, data-mining, and programming – that are both technical and aesthetic and that offer a way of thinking about the socio-political functions of technique in today’s increasingly video-based culture. Through Kuntzel’s work, the book engages these operations and addresses the roles that technique and technology play in structuring processes of individuation (memory, race, space, and desire).