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Anaïs Nony

Anaïs Nony, PhD

I am a research associate in the Center for the Study or Race, Gender and Class at the University of Johannesburg.

I am also the founding director of The Write Technique, an online space were academics reclaim focus and get writing done.

I write, teach, and speak widely about the relationship between art and innovation, culture and nature, science and technology.

Featured publications

Anaïs Nony publication technology of neo-colonial episteme
Technology of Neo-Colonial Episteme
Anaïs Nony publication technical image
Technical Image: Opaque Apparatus of Programmed Significance
Anaïs Nony publication digital critique
Dividual Revolution: What Can Philosophy Do in the Digital Present?

Nootechnics refers to the psycho-cultural practices of care and empowerment.

Anaïs Nony, PhD