Philosophy of Art & Technology

Performative Images (Amsterdam University Press, 2023) explores how video-image technology impacts our psychic and social environments. We know media technology is dramatically shaping our political and epistemological landscape: this book foregrounds the emergence of performative video images as a key factor in the revaluation of culture and politics.


Anaïs Nony, PhD

I am a research associate in the Center for the Study or Race, Gender and Class at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study.

My research focuses on the philosophy of technique, the foundations of digital technology and its impact on society. I am interested in the application of philosophical knowledge to understanding governance in the digital age.

Over the last decade, I have published articles in journals such as Philosophy Today, Cultural Critique, Intermédialité, French Review and Parallax as well as book chapters in edited volumes. Taken together, this body of work addresses debates about how technology shapes and affects societies.

I write and speak widely about the relation between technology, culture and philosophy. My training in performance arts and philosophy of technology is supplemented by two other areas of research: feminist methodologies and critical race studies.

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